Formidable First District

Welcome to the website of the Formidable First District.

Not unlike the thousands of Omega men across this country and throughout the world, the brothers of the First District stand on the shoulders of our illustrious founders. Our four Cardinal Principles: Manhood; Scholarship; Perseverance; and Uplift, serve as the cornerstones of our great fraternity and a reminder of what is expected of each Omega man.

We humbly and willingly accept this challenge.  The First District has a glorious history of serving African American communities throughout the New England region.  We continue to place emphasis on our Fatherhood Initiative; health initiatives; mentoring; literacy initiatives; voter education and registration; clothing drives; blood drives; neighborhood improvement initiatives; food drives and a host of other volunteer efforts.

We have developed extensive partnerships with other members of the Divine Nine; the NAACP; political leaders and entities; various civic organizations; leaders in education and the business community.  We recognize the importance of teamwork, and we value the partnerships we have developed.

The membership of the First District is comprised of men from many different professional backgrounds.  We have lawyers, doctors, educators, accountants, engineers, scientists, law enforcements officials from the local, state and federal levels, bankers, businessmen, etc. Some of the members come from the best schools in the world – Yale, Harvard, MIT, Brown, and Dartmouth just to name a few.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of Gamma Chapter (located in Boston). Gamma Chapter, Men of Sterling worth, put on an exemplary celebration of the 3rd Chapter in the glorious history of Omega. Brothers from throughout the Omega universe, family and friends, traveled to Cambridge to witness to this once in a lifetime celebration. We look forward to an even greater celebration and comradery in 2017. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the First District. Our 80th Annual District Conference will be held in the Boston area on April 21st thru April 23rd 2017, jointly hosted by the Iota Chi and Eta Phi Chapters. We look forward to you joining us in the Spring.

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